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A vote of defiance

I THINK the less said about Theresa May’s resignation the better.

Suffice to add that it has been well overdue in my opinion. I would not trust her to make a success of a tartan stall at the Braemar Highland Games.

The Brexit Party is looking good and I could not wait to cast my vote for them last Thursday, as did many members of my family and friends – at last, after watching the chattering classes tying themselves in self-interested convulsions over the Brexit vote over the last three years.

You would have to attach them all to lie detectors before you could believe a word they say. The voters, the votes that matter, finally had their choice. The voters cast their vote of defiance against the establishment.

They are our servants, not our masters. They, along with their cohorts, from the European Dissolving Disunited Dissemble have attempted to bully, frighten and change the democratic decision of the people to leave their failing project, and they have failed.

The platitudes and promises we will hear from them before the next general election can be taken with six packs of salt, never mind a pinch. I personally will vote for the Brexit Party again in a general election, I suspect I am not alone in that decision.

Never again will I ever vote for the main parties after the Brexit disgrace. It made our proud nation look like a banana republic, with the whole world watching.

It’s time for a massive clear-out at the House of Duplicity and Deceptions, hiding in plain sight.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

Put words into action

There are a lot of subjects in Steve Halden’s latest letter ‘We’re moderates’ (SA, May 23) in which he likes to spread his usual UKIP propaganda.

I shall just ask Mr Halden two questions; firstly he states that all Brexiteers are moderate nationalists, does Mr Halden seriously think everybody who voted leave are all remotely nationalistic?

I know plenty of people who voted leave for different reasons and none of it was anything to do with nationalism.

Mr Halden may like to think he is a moderate nationalist, but does he honestly think groups like Britain First and the EDL etc are moderate in their views? Likewise, are certain individuals who are associated with UKIP moderate? Would you class your leader, Gerad Batten, who has repeatedly said Islam is a ‘death cult’ as a moderate?

Secondly, you raised, and not for the first time, in your letter the plight of homelessness in the UK, which I warmly welcome. But is Steve like the many who I talk to about homelessness in society, who show concern and say it’s a disgrace so many people are classed as homeless, but actually do nothing to help them?

I hope Steve puts his words into action and does his bit for the homeless people in Swindon. I am afraid it is becoming more and more evident in the town.

Mark Webb, Old Town

Our amazing volunteers

Across Wiltshire are amazing people who are helping to transform young lives by taking action with  The Children’s Society. This Volunteers Week (June 1-7) we would like to  thank each and every one of them.

Right now there are 2,754 children living in Wiltshire classed as children ‘in need’ and sadly this number continues to increase steadily.

We help thousands of children and young people in many different ways; including those affected by poverty, mental health issues and victims of criminal or sexual exploitation.

In the past year nearly 10,000 volunteers gave us their time, contributing an incredible 478,000 hours.

There are a variety of ways to help, from supporting young people directly in our services, volunteering in our shops,  organising events, taking part in challenges, campaigning, donating, or increasing local awareness of our work.

If you are inspired to get involved, contact us on 0300 303 7000 or we’d love to talk to you.

The need is great and every hour volunteered, every campaign action taken, every donation made makes a real difference.

Nick Roseveare, CEO, The Children’s Society

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