IF you’re a fan of Heroes chocolates, a Swindon firm can now supply you with a personalised tin – thanks to a £15m deal.

Packs with custom messages and photos on the lids have flown off the shelves since Emagination Store bagged the global contract from Cadbury owner Mondelez – it expects to sell around 10,000 tins by Monday.

Managing director Greg Smith said: “My vision was exactly this.

"I could see how we could reinvent these household names that are all so familiar to us, but dreaming it is very different to living it. I’m so excited.

“Heroes boxes normally only come out at Christmas but we thought it would be appropriate for Father’s Day, so we did a soft launch.

"We didn’t make much of a fuss, and it’s been a massive success.

“This was just to see if there was an appetite for the idea and the response has been off the scale, it’s phenomenal.

“We made a big investment into this idea and it’s really paid off. We got the product right and it has opened the door to more opportunities and access to other big brands.”

The Rushey Platt company got in touch with manufacturers Mondelez after working with Tesco and was given a chance to test their personalised packaging idea with Toblerone before Christmas.

It sold 50,000 bars – 20,000 more than their target – and was then allowed to expand to other favourites including Heroes, Roses and Green & Black’s, with interest from America.

Emagination Store, based in Caen View, hopes to launch its new take on the extra brands later this year. Along with the special messages on the outside, chocolate lovers will be able to choose which variety of Heroes go into the tins.

Mr Smith added: “We were in the right place at the right time with the right product. I’m so excited I can’t sleep. The Heroes sales have been brilliant this week but we think they will be just a drop in the ocean compared to our Christmas lineup. We could sell 100,000 tins of Roses, Green & Blacks and Toblerones.”

To celebrate this success, Adver readers can receive a 10 per cent discount on personalised Heroes tins if they use the discount code Adver10 when ordering them online between June 8 and June 14 from thebrandedgiftco.com