A DEVELOPER that tried to remove a condition requiring a pedestrian crossing at its new housing estate now says it wants to put one in.

Liden homes is building more than 100 houses on the site of Berkeley Farm off Swindon Road in Wroughton - it had to go to appeal to get permission after Swindon Borough Council’s planning committee refused to okay the plan, calling it disastrous.

As one of the conditions the company was told to construct a pedestrian crossing over the busy Swindon Road before any of the houses were built.

But now some of the homes are built and people are living there and there is still no crossing.

The company thought it had done enough by putting in tactile paving at the entrance to the site.

But that both annoyed nearby residents and failed to satisfy planners.

Liden Homes also tried to have the condition removed.

But now it has applied to put in a crossing - when 94 of the houses are built.

A report to the borough council’s planning committee says: “The details of the exact location and type of crossing have yet to be agreed, but it seems likely that the only suitable place in the vicinity of the site will be just to the north of the junction of Swindon Road and Perrys Lane.”

Cathy Martyn is one of the ward councillors for Wroughton on Swindon borough council.

She said: “We weren’t happy that no crossing had been put in and we want real assurances that it will be built.

“We want to make sure that it is. We will be relying on the expertise of the planning officers as to where it will go, and on planning officers to make sure that Liden Homes comply with this condition.

“Obviously there are houses already built and people have moved in. We welcome those people and are glad to have them move to the village.

"But we want to make sure that Liden Homes to honours its commitment and ensure it does provide a crossing.”

In what might seem a confusing development, the same builder has applied for another permission to build houses on land immediately next door to the 100 homes site.

It already has permission to build 28 houses on the southern part of the site, immediately bounded to the south by the lane running to Wood Farm and wants to extend that by another 16.

But not all neighbours are happy about it. Jess Bailey who lives in Baileys Way said: “We objected to the original planning on grounds of traffic access onto the man A4361 and wish to re-iterate these comments.

“It is a very dangerous exit out of the development and we have witnessed on many occasions the cars dashing out to catch a gap in the oncoming traffic which, although 30 mph limit because it is a straight piece of road, is rarely adhered to.

“It is an accident waiting to happen. You should view the road at 8.30 am on a weekday when the children are at school.”

Coun Martyn said: “It’s a bit confusing that it’s a different application, but it’s right next door to the larger site - it’s essentially the same development.”

At the time of going to press Linden Homes had not responded to a request for comment and clarification between the two separate, but clearly linked applications.

The planning committee meets at 6pm on Tuesday.