Do you know a Charlie? That's the question on firefighters' lips this week, as Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service launches its latest campaign.

And by Charlie, the fire service does not mean that friend who is always mucking about.

Instead, it's an acronym used by the service to help flag people eligible for a free safe and well check designed to help people improve fire safety around the home.

"C" stands for care and support needs, with carers able to claim the free safety visits from a fire officer.

Speaking in Carers' Week, Vikki Thomas of DWFRS said: "Anyone who needs care support is particularly vulnerable to the dangers of fire, for a variety of reasons. They may not be able to respond to a fire as quickly, they may not be able to escape a fire, they may be more at risk due to lifestyle factors, or they may use healthcare equipment or medicines which carry a fire risk, such as oxygen or emollient creams. A Safe & Well visit can identify the risks and reduce them as much as possible.”

To arrange a Safe and Well check, call: 0800 038 2323 or visit: