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Town deserves better

Now that the local and European elections are over it is interesting to reflect upon the plans of some of the candidates, as stated in their literature.

One over-riding statement made by members of the ruling group on Swindon Council is that they wanted the electorate to support them so they may continue in the deeds they have done so far. Admirable request, until one looks at what the Conservatives have done for local people in Swindon. Any person travelling on our roads will have witnesses an almost lack of signage in some places and a deteriorating state of the road surface. The cost of my green bin has gone up 20 per cent and the town has no childrens’ centres. The local library service has been decimated and is only kept going by volunteers. With their litter picks and flower bed planting such residents add to the quality of the town: if we all enjoy these facets then we should all pay for them.

Lastly let’s look at the subject closest to Tory hearts-money. The much vaulted £2 for four hours mantra in the town centre has almost doubled and now I pay (due to the imposition of a parish precept) twice for the grass in my local area to be maintained. Far from costing less-as Mrs May repeated several times in her broadcasts-the local Tory council here in Swindon is costing me more, both in cash and quality of life.

So, to go back to the original idea, no, I don’t want Swindon Council to continue its imposed austerity. I want them to stand up to and improve matters. We deserve better.

Bob Pixton, Abney Moor, Liden

Money for nothing

Is the use of cash in it’s death throes? I tried to pay a bill at Swindon Council offices today only to be told they will shortly stop accepting cash payments. How are people to pay essential bills when they only deal in cash? There I was still believing cash was still legal tender! If I’m wrong, please let me know.

Christine Mills, Stafford Street, Swindon

Regeneration disgrace

RE: The disgraceful state of Cavendish Square (SA, June 5), it is obvious that Coun Renard does not grace this area with his presence. Yes, the council did provide new premises for the credit union and the shop and up-graded the library, but the plan for the whole square which was chosen after public consultation was never carried out. The “expanded and refitted library” (which was later due for closure and was saved by a local campaign) still suffers from periodic flooding on the square outside. The Co-op, I am told, specified that there should be no competitive food shops in the actual square, so instead of getting, perhaps a decent bakery, greengrocers, and butchers shop, we got only the PopIn and the Ninetyniner. And the old cafe, which had been a community meeting place, was demolished and a new cafe soon closed due to high rents and lack of custom.

The new buildings looked like a line of warehouses and as the council had sold the land and washed its hands of the whole thing, it became almost impossible for our community forum to find out who the owners were so that the mess outside could be cleaned up. No wonder the regenerated Cavendish Square soon looked like what it is now - a disgrace with its litter, hazardous paving stones - and of course the flooding. If an area is not fit for purpose, the community soon loses care and respect for it. It is an insult to the local community to use the word “regeneration” about this particular development.

Sherry Waldon, Kingswood Avenue, Park North

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