THERE’LL be some clowning around at the end of the world on Saturday.

Shoebox Theatre at the Health Hydro in Swindon’s Milton Road will be the venue for Fools of the Apocalypse.

The work of theatre company Scram Collective, it is billed as a fun and heartfelt romp through the end of times.

Scram Collective artistic director Alex Newport, pictured with fellow cast member Georgia Andrews, said: “We think the play is particularly resonant today as it offers a much-needed dose of high-spirited humour in a world that seems to be becoming ever more tired of political tensions and grandstanding.

“Its central premise reflects a fear of catastrophe recently reignited like never before by growing tensions between races, countries and unions.

“If the world ended, how would we cope?

“As two people learn to adapt to their new apocalyptic surroundings, we see how humans can make the best out of the worst situations.”

Saturday’s Health Hydro performance will be the piece’s first before it heads for the Camden Fringe later in the year.”

Tickets cost £8 and can be booked by visiting