Great Western Hospital still needs to work out where it can save over £2.5 million by the end of March

It already has a plan to save £6.4m, but the overall amount of money it needs to cut from its budget is £9.1m, and it has yet to identify where that last amount can be saved.

Councillors on Swindon Borough Council's adults' health, care and housing and scrutiny committee will receive a report on the hospital's overall performance last year, ending in March.

On its financial position, the report says: "The trust achieved its 2018/19 financial target with a deficit of £12.4m. Because we hit our target, the trust received extra funding at the end of the year of £11.1m from a national sustainability fund which ultimately meant ending the year with a deficit of £1.3m.

"Our plan is to end the financial year with a £11. 5m deficit (before we get any national funding), but in order to do that it relies on us delivering around £9.1m of savings – of which we have identified around £6.4m so far so still work to do."