A KIND-HEARTED Swindon barber is offering free haircuts to clients getting ready for a job interview.

Robin Payne of RP Cuts on Cricklade Road moved into his own private studio above Sekret Unisex Salon earlier this month and decided to do something nice for hopefuls applying for jobs at businesses around town.

He said: “I wanted to help people who just needed to freshen up in a short space of time and make a good impression because it’s crucial to present yourself well at a job interview.

“A good haircut works from the head down to help give you the confidence you need to do well, it makes you feel really good about yourself.

“I’ve given free haircuts to a few people so far, I wish them luck and get really excited for them when I know they’re being interviewed,.

He said: “My top tip would be find your style, hone in on it and make sure it’s neat before the interview.

“Since I only opened this studio two weeks ago, I really want to get involved in the community, meet and learn about more people in the area and I enjoy being my own boss.

“It can be taxing but it’s really rewarding when you develop a good relationship with my clients and they keep coming back and telling their friends because they like what I do, it gives me a wholesome feeling.”

The 23-year-old from Rodbourne Cheney is enjoying running his own barber’s business after working his way up as a trainee at other salons.

He added: “I’ve worked in this industry from a young age, first looking after my younger brother’s hair, then completing an apprenticeship before starting to cut hair on my own. Part of the reason I got into it was I felt unsatisfied with a lot of my short hair cuts, since then I've decided to grow it out and it's almost where I want it to be.

“My business had been building for a year and I wanted to take it up another level, then I spoke to the lovely owner of Sekret and she offered me my own chair at first and then liked my work enough to let me have the studio above the salon.

“My ambition is to improve and keep bringing the standard up, get another barber in at some point and make this place feel and look how I want within the next year. A couple of years from now, I could expand the business and move to a new premises.”