Broad Blunsdon: A development of eight luxury houses (right) on a patch of rectangular green land near the Cold Harbour pub and hotel on Cricklade Road has been turned down.

Developers Slattery Gallagher and Hall had proposed building a linear development of eight detached homes surrounded by trees on the site.

But officers said the scheme would “create a development in the countryside in an unsustainable location” which would be poorly connected to Broad Blunsdon village and the design of the houses would be “unsympathetic” to the surroundings.

Shaw: A plan to build an extension at the front of a family home in Whitefield Crescent, to join the existing double garage to the house with rooms above it, making it a two-storey building was refused by Swindon Borough Council’s planning committee.

The members went along with the advice from planning officers that the new building would be too large and would be ‘oppressive and overbearing’ to the people living next door.

The addition of an extra bedroom would have also meant that more off-road parking would need to be created for the house - another point which counted against it.

Stanton Fitzwarren: Despite the support of Stanton Fitzwarren Parish Council, which said it would help maintain a stable community, officers at Euclid Street were against a plan to build an extension of a listed barn at North Barn Farm in Trenchard Road in the village near Highworth.

The officers’ report to members of the planning committee said: “The proposed works would be an incongruous feature to the existing building which overcomplicates the design of this simple and functional building. The overcomplicated design also elevates the status of the building from a subservient and functional barn to be competing with the scale of the farmstead to the front.”

Members agreed and voted to refuse the application by 10 votes to three.

Wroughton: Telecommunications provider EE has been given permission to install and 18m high tower with six mobile network antennae and one dish receiver on land next to Hangar Two at Wroughton Airfield.

Upper Stratton: An osteopathy clinic will take the place of a businesses office. Vincent Sejournant, who runs Vincent James Osteopathy, has been granted his change of use request to be able to practice from 4 Kingsdown Orchard at Hyde Road.

Although there are only two parking spaces at the office which is less than it needs as a clinic, because of patient visits, the highways officer at Euclid Street was happy enough that their was ample space in the area die to an informal car park used by companies at the business park.

Stratton St Margaret: A five bedroom house in Highworth Road can be converted into a six bedroom bed and breakfast business.

Owner Phil Coleman will also be the proprietor of the business which will see four of the five beds on the first floor have ensuite bathrooms constructed, and two reception rooms on the ground floor converted, one into a another en suite bedroom and the other into a breakfast room for guests. Mr Coleman will convert another room downstairs to a bedroom for his use.

South Marston: The plan put forward by John Carrigan to convert a separate games room at his home in Church Ground into a flat for one of his elderly parents has been turned down by the borough council’s planning officers.

Mr Carrigan’s scheme was to convert the single-storey room n the garden of the house into a bedroom with an attached kitchen and living room and a bathroom was deemed to be too big a change: “The proposal of a domestic annexe that bears limited relationship with the host dwelling in the location proposed would represent an uncharacteristic from of development and it’s tantamount to an independent dwelling.”