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Will Tories self-destruct?

Is the Conservative party on a self-destruct mission? On the verge of extinction after the Brexit fiasco. The latest nail in their coffin is allowing the BBC to scrap licence fees for the over 75s who are not on pension credit.

Count me in on that one. Gruesome Gideon also known as Overrated Osborne stopped the government covering the cost and asked the BBC to cover the cost from their ridiculous five thousand million budget.

They then decided that although they are willing to pay Leveraged Lineker £1,750,000 a year for stating the obvious as a football pundit, not to mention the hundred BBC staff earning more than the PM, they will make the 75-year-olds pay up instead and jail us if we don’t.

If the latest trend for jailing people who tell lies while in political office catches on, and I refuse to pay on the principle that you are more likely to find an umbrella shop in Death Valley than a Brexiteer on the Question Time panel, and my suggestion that the BBC changes it name to the Bullying Brass neck Cartel is ignored, I could end up in the clink with Mr Osborne. This is another typical example, as was the Brexit sham from the establishment.Thinking us plebs can like it or lump it. A local example being the incinerator at South Marston being allowed against the wishes of the people who live in the area.

Ignoring the thousands who signed the petition, as I did when Maureen Dilley of the Labour Party, all credit to her, came around the doors in Covingham with the petition. We will be the ones contending with the odours and extra traffic. Not the government nodding donkey who allowed it. Incidentally I have not met any locals to date who didn’t sign it. Remember if we continue to tolerate our democratic vote being ignored by our elected representatives our children will be next.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

A cyclist sympathises

I sympathise about the concerns a lot of Wanborough residents have regarding the building of a housing development nearby. I cycle regularly, from my home, on a route that takes me around both lower and upper Wanborough and down Foxhill too.

On leaving Swindon, over the A419 flyover, you encounter three speed limits, 30, 40 and the national limit before you get into the village. My experience, is that 90 per cent of the motorists that go either way, drive well in excess of the speed limit along that road, let alone in the village itself.

I agree, with Mr Henshall, that the roundabout at Rotten Row is dangerous, especially when turning left and heading back towards Swindon. The housing development will definitely make it a lot more dangerous than it currently is. Without doubt it’s potentially a fatality waiting to happen. Not only is speeding a problem in the vicinity of Wanborough but it’s across all parts of the town too. Gone are the days you saw the police doing speed checks. Consequently, some motorists don’t care simply because there isn’t any deterrent anymore.

Alan Wilson, Shapwick Close, Nythe

Chicken mirage

It has taken me five days to come to terms with this “mirage” that I thought I was experiencing, only the bump on my forehead reminds me that it was real!

After spending a lovely Sunday afternoon enjoying the conforms of the Pullman train and partaking of one or two bevvies, I was close to home, walking alongside a grass covered play area when I saw a lady in flowing robes, accompanied by a young boy, both carrying long bamboo canes and herding about a dozen large hens, keeping them grouped together while the hen pecked away merrily.

The only time I can compare this image is when I have visited Morocco or Tunisia and seen people herding their goats. After mentally calculating just how much of the splendid wine I had imbibed, I turned to take another look just to reassure myself the scene was real and promptly walked straight into a lamp post.

I have been on this earth a long, long time and this truly is the strangest sight I have ever seen in England.

Mrs M Thompson, Bourne Road, Moredon

Boris support good news

I have just had the best news of late. Both of the Swindon MP’s have said that they will back Boris Johnson as leader of the Conservatives and this would mean that we would leave the EU with or without a deal on October 31 or before.

Finally they are listening to the people {its taken strong Brexit support} to get them to do this.

But I am grateful that this may bring some stability to our democracy.

Ron Rose, Twickenham Close

Lungs not books

Apparently the Bodleian Library, that houses historic documents, has been ‘bought off’; being paid money to improve the air conditions within the library.

How can it be right that these documents will get better air quality than all of the families and children in the area? It makes my blood boil!!

Sheila Carter, Lyddon Way

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