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Cavendish Square

The post office authorities proposal to relocate our present PO to a tiny convenience store is ridiculous. The proposed site, the Premier Store is a very small premises made even smaller by the large quantity of shop fittings inside it. There is at present a huge freezer, a drinks fridge, a coffee machine and several shelving units.

I see that the post office intends to install a double door to improve access for the disabled. I doubt that they or indeed anyone else,would be able to get in at all. To install two post office counters with room for customers to queue would necessitate gutting the shop. In busy periods queues would be outside the door.

The promise of extended opening hours is a red herring. In many of these revamped post offices it is theoretically possible to use PO services at any time the shop is open. In reality these services are only available if someone trained in PO systems is present.

Robert Buckland says that the present PO is only a temporary facility. It has been there since the regeneration of the Square 10 years ago. I understand that the present manager is temporary. The answer to this would seem to be appoint a permanent manager, rather than shift the entire PO and inconvenience users. Possibly Post Office Services has another agenda.

Eileen George, Welcombe Ave, Park North

Testing success

Highworth and District Lions would like to thank The Loganberry Trust and all the gentlemen who participated in our May Day testing for prostate cancer. The trust tested 187 men, unfortunately due to time we had turn some away as time was up, and blood samples had to be got to the laboratory. However we plan to do this again next year, with the agreement of the trust. A big thank to Christine Davis and her helpers who served cake to the men waiting outside in the cold. Everyone involved a great big thank you.

Rosemary Jackson, Highworth Lions

Bang on time

So GWR are saying that they can get you to London in 53 minutes. I worked for BR/GWR for 44 years and in all that time, all the passengers ever wanted was to get to their destination ON TIME. By saying they’re going to get to London quicker, will only make the punctuality figures worse.

Steve Harling, Hedgerow Close

Broadgreen flytipping

Your report on efforts to curb flytipping in Broadgreen (SA, May 23,) has us puzzled. Ian James of the borough’s Streetsmart department attended our meeting on February 6 this year to discuss the issue where he announced that a letter advising on waste and recycling be delivered to residents. It was suggested that for greater community inclusion the letter should be available in languages other than English, Konkani being mentioned as an example. We stand for all residents and would not, and did not, agree to singling out any language. It is far from clear how much flytipping is by residents and how much by opportunist outsiders. It might also be noted that Coun Donachie has not managed to get the name of our organization correct. It is and has been for more than forty years Broad Street Area Community Council as we have always represented an area larger than just Broadgreen. We welcome any residents of the Queenstown, Broadgreen and County Ground areas, to our meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm at the Broadgreen Centre.

Pam Freegard, Broad Street Area Community Council