The borough council is making progress in modernising itself and addressing its significant financial challenges, according to a report by the Local Government Association.

But there are still examples of what the team who conducted a follow-up peer review called “quirky, old fashioned and out of date processes”.

The report comes from a two-day visit made in December last year by a five person team, including Jo Walker, director of Strategic Finance and neighbouring Gloucestershire County Council, and Councillor Sean Astee , the leader of the Conservative group at Trafford Metropolitan Borough.

One of its main points of focus is the council’s finances: “It is evident the council is now proactively addressing its short-term financial challenges. The Swindon Programme which plans to save £30m in 30 months is well understood

“It is important that all council budgets reflect need and demand but equally they require rigorous management.”

Director of performance, organisational improvement and communications at Euclid Street, Samantha Mowbray told members: “The budget gap that existed when the review was made was closed, when we had the VAT rebate from central government.

“This year we have to make £21m of savings and we are very confident about all of that but for about £800,000 in this year’s budget. It is the subject of very robust discussion at every corporate management team meeting and service leaders know any slippage will have to come from other parts of their budget.”

The way all the councils 250 vehicles were taxed and invoiced individually was criticises as out of date by the report.