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Hobson’s Choice for PM

It would seem that the UK is being offered Hobson’s choice by way of the next Prime Minister by a very small party of Conservatives numbering just 150,00 members.

There once lived another Boris in a far off country that became its president and set about bringing the country to its knees and making it and its citizens a laughing stock around the world. That country was the ex-USSR, who had a clown and a drunken buffoon in charge by the name of Boris Yeltsin. He would down a bottle of vodka each morning and then set about doing his duties as leader whilst acting like a drunken embarrassment. However our Boris Johnson or Bojo the clown does not need to down a bottle of vodka everyday as he is a born natural upper class twit. Brexit has already made the country a laughing stock all around the planet, now all that we need is a scruffy idiot and a clown in charge as PM to cap it off!

There is an alternative in the notorious Jeremy Hunt. I am sure most people will remember him whilst health minister, for bringing our treasured NHS to its knees. The effects are still there to be witnessed to this very day, with patients in A&E on waiting to be seen whilst parked on trolleys, GP’s leaving en mass, and many parts of it flogged off and privatised.

There is also Michael Gove the self confessed drug user. I for one cannot see him ever meeting with Chinese leaders as PM with that record, as drugs in China are totally forbidden with the threat of harsh penalties, which stems back to Britain having infested the country with opium. He would definitely get shunned and some would say quite rightly so.

Then there is seemingly incompetent Dominic Raab who is so good at gaffes he did not realise that there even existed a shipping container port at Felixstowe, and seemed totally oblivious when questioned over the chaotic consequences likely there, of what a no deal would bring.

There is also an unknown wild card character known as Rory Stewart who seems to have relatively little experience as a minister, and it shows as he seems to have very little by way of ideas on how to solve the Brexit impasse.

This bunch of misfits seems to leave us all up the creak now without a paddle, and my biggest fear in the light of what has happened at Honda is the threat to jobs, and the economy.

Graham Woodward, Nelson Street

Political fairytales

I used to think fairytales began with “ Once Upon A Time’ but they often begin nowadays with “When I’m elected I promise...”

I was shocked to read in the Adver recently that both Swindon MPs are supporting Boris Johnson for leader of the Conservative party. Their decision to support Mr Johnson looks like putting their own and their party’s electoral prospects above the best interests of the country. Mr Johnson appeals to the most base hard-right elements in society and this looks like an attempt to win them back from the Brexit Party.

A quote from the article states: “Mr Buckland and Mr Tomlinson added: ‘We are looking for a prime minister who will seek to reach agreement with the EU, who will be realistic and honest in that process and who will be able to unite the nation behind any deal that is done’.”

What on earth are Robert Buckland and Justin Tomlinson doing naming the most dishonest, disreputable, discredited, internationally embarrassing MP we have as best choice for PM? I couldn’t be more disappointed in them.

Mr Johnson’s dishonesty is a huge part of why we are in this Brexit mess. In addition, his decision to accept a no deal Brexit is utterly reckless and seriously endangers our livelihoods.

Sarah Bowles, Hodson

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