A SCHEME getting businesses to offer free water bottle refills has won the backing of South Swindon's MP.

Swindon Refill launched last year, with the campaign touring town businesses encouraging them to let customers and members of the public fill their bottles from the firms' taps.

Speaking on National Refill Day, which is today, Robert Buckland said: “Our quality of life and the state of the environment about us continues to grow in importance.

"Initiatives of whatever size can play an important role in protecting our future, which is why I am pleased to play my part in supporting the many environmental campaigns that are happening within Swindon.

“After holding a meeting with the Swindon refill coordinator before it was launched in the town last September,

"I could see that the focus of the project has real potential to help reduce plastic waste output in our community and I was pleased to become a member.”

Swindon Refill was started by Haydon Wick woman Hollie Snyder. Last summer, she told the Adver: “The programme is about reducing the amount of single-use plastic bottles and encouraging people to recycle."