Want to learn a new language without embarrassing yourself while trying to order a baguette in a Parisian boulangerie?

Are you passionate about the French culture and want to know why French people are obsessed with cheese and wine?

Then, the French Language Meet up group is made for you.

This group was set up in January 2017 to offer an exciting opportunity for people in town to improve their language skills and discover the French culture.

And in less than three years, hundreds of francophiles have joined.

Founder of the group Antoine Roux said: “It’s generally a way to meet other like-minded people and make friends.

“There are 338 members and there have been about 70 events so far.

“There is a regular event on Thursday evening where we gather in a pub in Old Town to speak French and have fun doing so.”

The 32-year-old from Haute-Marne, in the northeast of France, moved to Swindon in 2014 to improve his English skills and get work experience abroad.

Instead of an expensive French class, Antoine wanted to offer a free event for people to learn and make mistakes as well as expanding their social circles.

“Because we meet in a pub, there are background noises and many conversations going on at the same time,” said Antoine.

“This is a very different experience from a one to one lesson for example, and this helps learners to improve their comprehension.

“I get very good feedback from the people attending. They have a good time, get drinks and food, discuss about many topics with the other people, and usually want to attend again.”

All levels and abilities are welcome, from beginners to native speakers.

It is also a good way for expatriates who recently moved to Swindon to adapt and meet others going through the same journey.

He added: “I occasionally organise other events, we’ve had events like summer BBQ, and Sunday lunch in a French restaurant.”

The next event will be held at The Goddard Arms on June 27 from 7:30pm.