MAN’S best friend brought smiles to people’s faces in Swindon for Bring Your Dog to Work Day.

Big or small these lovable animals are taking over the office one big paw at a time.

Dog lovers in Swindon have sent in pictures of their pets enjoying the day spent with their owners at work to the Adver.

Michelle Hawkins, who is the Finance Director at G&W Contracting Ltd, took her dog Bailey “I have been taking my dog Bailey to work since he was a puppy! He used to sleep on my desk, now he’s found a spot on the shelf behind me! He is a 4-year-old Shih Tzu”

Colin Lloyd, owner of Property Search Group, has let his employees bring their dogs into work not only today but all year round. He said: “It’s something I have always wanted to do and they’re lovely dogs and it brings a lovely atmosphere.”

Rachel who works with Colin brought her dogs in every day for the last few weeks, she said: “It’s definitely been changing the office. It makes a better atmosphere in the office; it’s made everyone so happy.”

Jo Young from Stimulus Consulting said: “Dante comes to work with us every day, not just on bring your own to workday.”

Principle T Green from St. Lukes Academy tells the Adver about why bringing his dog, Willow, makes their day, she said: “She is helping our students learn empathy, appropriate interpersonal skills and social skills. Research shows that having a school dog increases school attendance, students confidence, reading and writing levels and motivation.”

Poppy’s Picnic revealed that 72 per cent of 1,500 people who answered their survey would feel happier in the office if the annual Bring You Dog to Work Day was every day.