Wroughton: BMX enthusiasts in Wroughton will be able to ride, and jump and do tricks even after dark.

An application by Ben Leach of the Wroughton BMX community to install floodlights at the BMX pump track at the playing fields at Maunsell Way in the village south of Swindon has been approved.

Six pylons with a light each will be put up around the track, which opened last year.

The owner of 29 Boness Road in the village has been given permission to convert the garage of his home into s study.

The only possible concern was whether removing a parking space would affect parking on the road, but the highways officer was happy that having two spaces on the front garden of the house was adequate.

Hannington: The owners of Hannington Hall, one of the most splendid houses in the borough, will be warm and sanitary during the winter months.

The application lodged by Molhant Proost, the owners of the Grade II listed manor house in the village to the west of Highworth to update the central heating system and foul water drainage, has been approved by planners at Euclid Street

The application said: “The heating system is in a very poor state and needs to be replaced or repaired. The system dates back to the 1960s and has not been altered in a very long time and is very inadequate for modern comforts.

“There was secondary double glazing that had been ‘stuck on with mastic’. These have been removed and the stone surrounds will be cleaned and repaired where necessary.”

Hannington Hall was built in 1653 and has a Great Western Railway locomotive named after it.

Upper Stratton: Swindon brewers Arkell’s has been given permission to build a new, flat-roofed extension to its conference facilities.

The company wants to enlarge the main room for in-house training events, entertaining and conferences meetings and seminars.

The Brewery’s Grade II listed headquarters in Hyde Road in Upper Stratton dates back to 1861.

Penhill: The proposal made by Saudal Haq, who lives in Wanstead in east London, to build a detached house on an empty plot in Penhill Drive has been given approval despite some concerned expressed about parking.

The three-bedroom house will be built on land between the Deer’s Leap pub and No 143.

With cars already parked along the road most days, Central Swindon North Parish Council expressed its concern about what it thought was “inadequate parking provision”.

The borough council’s highways officer did not object to the scheme as two parking spaces will be constructed on the front garden area of the house, with a dropped kerb put in.

The officer did say dropped kerb would need to be widened to allow both cars access without driving on the common land between the house and the pub.

Cheney Manor: Power generated by the sun will be used and, importantly, stored, to power the plant at the Waterside waste and recycling site which turns household waste into rubbish.

Swindon Borough Council’s wholly owned company Public Power Solutions has been given permission to install a massive batteries at the Cheney Manor Industrial Estate. It will take power generated from the nearby Barnfield solar farm and store it to be used when the sun isn’t shining.

Extensions: Extensions to family homes have been approved at 45 Perry’s Lane, Wroughton, 1 Ascott Close Redhouse, 9 Rochford Close Grange Park and 3 Betony Close Haydon Wick.