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A lost vote over Brexit by lifelong Labour supporter

I have been a lifelong Labour voter who is bewildered by their current stance on Brexit.

Labour had the ideal opportunity to back the democratic decision of the majority of the people and put their weight behind Brexit and in the process would have stolen a march on the shambolic Conservatives.

Instead they continue to try and thwart Brexit and call for another, undemocratic, referendum.

When Sarah Church was introduced as the Labour candidate for South Swindon I was filled with hope as her background is very impressive. However her social media remarks show her anti-Brexit views which are not only in contrast to how the country voted but also to the town she hopes to serve. As a result Sarah Church and Labour have lost my vote forever!

Nicola Spull, Old Town, Swindon

Yorkshire, English, British and a European

I do a lot of street campaigning in Swindon centre, and I am often asked by Brexit voters why I want to stay in the EU.

I was struck by how the answer that they understood the most was also the simplest: I am European. I feel European and want my European rights protected.

Remaining in the EU is the best way to achieve this: anything less boils down to empty words.

Promises that I’ll still be able to live, work and love in the continent post Brexit are only worth as much as the trustworthiness of our politicians.

I am English, and I also feel British and European and I’m not the only one. Most British people quite happily hold multiple identities even if that is only English and British (in my native Yorkshire, they also proudly identify as being from God’s own county).

What’s another identity? It’s easy for me: my girlfriend is Italian, my Dad and brother lived in Spain for a long while. But I’m sure it’s not beyond anyone in this country.

In an increasingly unpredictable world, we would do well to be on the closest terms with our neighbours as their proximity is the only thing can know will continue for certain.

To adapt the words of the Roman statesman: Civis europanus sum.

Dr S Hollings, Bridge Street, Swindon

EU offers balance in a divided world

In these times of division one thing that the people of this country are almost unanimous about is that our politicians and government are doing an awful job at looking after our interests.

So why does the Brexit faction continue to want to give them more power? It makes no sense to do away with the checks and balances provided by the EU.

Carolyn Phillippo, Godwin Road, Stratton, Swindon

Brexit means freedoms for next generation

Something nobody seems to be talking about in our headlong rush to ‘do’ Brexit, at any cost is the huge loss of our citizens rights.

When in the history of our country, or any country has a slim majority been allowed to rob the rest of the population of their citizen rights? Freedoms? Protections? I’m talking about my EU citizenship, and no, I’m not some kind of traitor for pointing this out. It’s just a fact.

My children were born with the freedom of the continent, to live, love, marry, work, study anywhere in the EU, also consular protection from any of those countries, anywhere in the world if there’s no British consul near.

To have high social and environmental standards protected by international treaty. This is their birthright. Its being stolen from them.

Because 26 per cent of the country voted Brexit the other 74 per cent lose all of this.

This is plain wrong. It needs to be said.

Steve Rouse, Wroughton

Political cheating sets a poor example

As a parent and a teacher I despair at the way our politicians are apparently getting away with lying and cheating with impunity.

What sort of an example is this to us let alone our children?

A week or so ago it was decided that a private prosecution of Boris Johnson for lying in public office will not proceed.

In March the former chair of Vote Leave sidestepped calls to apologise for the campaign breaking electoral law over spending limits during the EU referendum.

Gisela Stuart, a former Labour MP, said that the official Brexit campaign’s legal advice ruled their activities compliant, but regulators had found otherwise at a later date.

The website Open Democracy reported that the Metropolitan Police had stalled the launch of a criminal investigation into the pro-Brexit campaigns citing “political sensitivities”.

I have written to my MP, Robert Buckland about my concerns but he has not provided me with a satisfactory response.

Sarah Bowles, Hodson, Swindon

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