Prom is the place to make an entrance – and for a group of Swindon pupils there was no more fitting way to do so than by using the same means of transport that has taken them to school for the last five years.

The Year 11 students from Ridgeway School decided to board their daily double decker bus for their prom, which was held at Steam museum on Friday evening – and the driver volunteered his services free of charge.

Sam Faria, one of the pupils who organised the transport with Swindon Bus Company, said: “Originally we didn’t know what to do, but we decided to do something quite comedic and in some ways sentimental because obviously a lot of us have been getting this bus to school for five years now and it’s something to really round it off.

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“We didn’t think they’d say yes, but they did.

“Together we’ve all put in some money and we’ve got £160 which Swindon Bus Company have decided to donate to Prospect Hospice.”

Sam and his friends were in good spirits heading off to the prom. Phones were clicking away, capturing every detail of the once-in-a-lifetime event.

The group even stopped to have pictures taken with their driver.

“I’ve been doing Ridgeway School for the last 12 years," said Chris Pullen, the 76-year-old bus driver who volunteered his time to take the children to school.

"And I know them all pretty well, so they requested me. They’re such good kids.

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“I knew them while they were growing up, so yeah, I enjoy doing it. This is the first time I’ve personally been asked to drive the kids to prom.

“I don’t think they’ve actually ever taken a school bus but this year they’ve stuck to their guns.

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“I drive this for nothing, just for pleasure. I’m really pleased to do it.”

In total, 19 students boarded the bus to take them to the venue, and were waved off from the Brewers Arms in Wanborough by mums, dads and other relatives.

Swindon Bus Company general manager Alex Chutter added: “A student from Ridgeway School approached us with the idea of using the bus they go to school on to take them and some of their friend to prom – and we were happy to help.

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“We’re not charging them because the driver is volunteering, and any money collected by the students will be donated to nearby Prospect Hospice in Wroughton.”