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Annul to heal Brexit rift

Three years ago a crime against the British people was committed in the form of a campaign of unprecedented industrial scale deceit and dishonesty with the aim of dragging this country out of the EU.

Virtually every aspect of the Leave Campaign in 2016 was dishonest in at least some way.

The Leave Campaign lied about the cost of our EU membership, the way the EU works, the effects of immigration and free movement, the state of the EU’s accounts, corruption in the EU, democracy in the EU, the number of our laws the EU makes, etc.

Furthermore, several different parts of Leave Campaign broke both electoral law and data protection laws with several very large fines being handed out, and one in case, the offence was so serious the maximum fine permissible was imposed.

Had the referendum been mandatory rather than advisory, the result would have been annulled months, if not years ago under the terms of the Venice Convention because of the illegal actions of the Leave Campaign.

In addition to these illegal activities, several members of the leave campaign are either currently facing criminal charges or are under criminal investigation by the police, or in the case of the major financial backer of the Leave Campaign, Aaron Banks, the National Crime Agency, which only deals with the most serious of crimes.

This dishonesty and illegal activity by the Leave Campaign has left our nation deeply divided.

This rift in our society is also reflected in both parliament and our current Government which, after losing the 2017 General Election, is now being propped up by 10 MPs from the DUP, that at best is misogynistic, homophobic and sympathetic towards protestant terrorist organisations after what effectively amounts to a £1bn bribe using taxpayer money.

We are also about to have our second unelected Prime Minister in a row, with the leading candidate being a proven liar from the Leave Campaign who is also a self-admitted class A drug user who was also sacked from the Tory Front bench for lying about an affair in 2004.

The British electorate will have no voice in this decision and yet both candidates for the position claim to have a mandate to drag us out of the EU.

They do not. The only way to heal the rift in our society and to start to repair the damage done is to stand up to the liars and law breakers from the Leave Campaign, including Johnson, and either annul the result or call another referendum.

Adam Poole, Savill Crescent, Wroughton

Reasonable force OK

I don’t agree that Mark Field should be suspended for ‘using reasonable force’ to eject the Greenpeace protester.

Greenpeace protesters seem to think that they will get away with anything!If she did have a weapon, someone would have said: “Where was the Security”?

I don’t advocate assaulting anyone, especially ladies, but to me, this was acceptable under the circumstances with too many wimps sat by and letting things happen.What do you do let protesters walk all over you because you are frightened to approach them.

They said“This is a peaceful protest” but would they go if they were asked “We understand but can you now kindly leave”!

It’s the same with recent climate protesters and with problems with squatters who all think they are above the law! They sit back and laugh and are backed up by do gooders!

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

Israeli terror history

Steve Jack is at it again (SA, June 20). In his accusation that the recent Palestine solidarity demonstration chanted “grotesque lies about Israel” he again plumbs the depths.

In the face of the history, accepted across the political spectrum from Palestine supporters and Zionists, he denies the terrorist expulsion of Palestinians from their homes which today’s Israeli state is based on.

Mr Jack has some nerve playing the terror card. He is happy with the terror inflicted on Palestinians, but what about Zionist terrorism aimed at British troops?

Does Mr Jack think we should be grateful that Zionists blew up the King David Hotel in an attack, aimed at the British administration, which killed 91 people.

Maybe he thinks we should be grateful that the same Zionist terror group killed two British army sergeants and hung their booby trapped bodies from trees in a Eucalyptus grove.

This attack prompted real anti-Semitic attacks by “British patriots” on blameless Jewish people in the UK. The leader of this group later became the sixth Israeli PM.

Mr Jack says the Hezbollah flag was prominent at the very large Palestine solidarity march, but the presence of many Jewish opponents of the colonial settler Israeli state was very clear.

Finally, the only source for Mr Jack’s claim about a Hezbollah terror attack in the UK is the Jerusalem Times (in reality Mossad) and its UK echoes.

Peter Smith, Woodside Avenue

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