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It’ll be the EU that’s denying your ‘rights’

Your correspondent Steve Rouse resorts to an interesting use of statistics in attempting to argue his point on the EU referendum.

He infers that the people who chose not to vote in the election have stolen his children’s birthright.

It is a fact that before the UK joined the EU (more properly its predecessor) we enjoyed the right to live, love, marry, work and study anywhere in Europe.

I cannot see any logical or more particularly any economic reason why any EU state would support proposals denying UK citizens the right to do any of those things in the future.

Simply because there may be greater levels of bureaucracy to overcome is hardly a reason to stay a member of a political construct.

Of course there is a simple resolution to Steve’s concerns.

He could move to any one of the 27 EU States which will be part of the grandiose EU which provides him and his family with the ‘rights’ he is so concerned about.

He can do so safe in the knowledge that the UK will not deny him or his family the right to the right to live, love, marry, work and study anywhere in the UK. I for one hope he never moves as I do enjoy his contribution to the letters page.

If any rights are denied to UK citizens to do any of the things Steve believes are birthrights it will be because the EU bureaucrats have imposed restrictions as part of the punishment they wish to inflict on the UK for their decision to not be a participant in the political make up of the EU.

Europe is not closing its doors to the UK and we are not closing ours to Europe.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Trust your neighbour?

I am no supporter of Boris Johnson. I suspect another financially spoiled Eton Call-Me-Dave.

However may I make a comment on every day life. I have lived in my present home for 35 years. One of the reasons I have never moved is because of my good neighbours, who all supported me in my time of need when I lost my wife to Alzheimer’s. Then attended her funeral as a mark of respect.

My point? If I had a next-door neighbour who taped my arguments with my deceased Good Lady during 55 years of marriage when I came in better than worse through the demon drink. I can assure him the battery on his mobile would have run out.

If you cannot trust your neighbours in a civilised community, all is lost. One question? Would any of the Adver readers welcome Boris’s next neighbours next to them.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

All lives remembered

In response to the letters from Des Morgan and David Bell, I’m well aware Des, that the UK”s armed forces are fighting in the war against terrorism. But isn’t it the UK’s military and their Nato allies whose bombing campaigns around the world that has led to the terrorist threat you refer to?

Des says that the UK spends millions a year on defence. Actually Des the UK spent £35billion in 2018.

David Bell in his letter claimed that Armed Forces Day is not a recruitment day. I spoke to those on the Royal Yeomanry stall and the conversation I had seems to contradict what you say.

You say the opening will be marked by a “two-minute silence” to remember those who gave their lives on behalf of the country. Why can’t you extend that silence to include all those killed in war, particularly to the innocent children and women, or aren’t those lives worth remembering?

Martin Webb, Old Town

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