THERE were 10 million specific job searches on Google in the last 12 months – but which ones are the most Googled?

Work solutions company Brother UK looked at a year’s worth of data and have revealed the most popular jobs from each country in the world.

And the results from the UK might surprise you.

UK search data shows the nation is keen to teach, with over 288,000 people searching Google for Teaching Assistant jobs in the last 12 months.

Teaching Assistant came out top for England, Scotland and Wales, however, was pipped to the post by Nursing in Northern Ireland.

Estate Agent is the second most googled job in the UK, followed by Project Manager and Prison Officer.

Photography jobs also amade the top 10, and with Instagram more popular than ever before, it could be an influencing factor.

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There were more than 81,000 searches in the last 12 months for photographers.

Here’s the top 10

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Combining all countries from around the globe, mechanical engineering tops the charts, with the majority of searches driven from India, Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Accounting came a close second, with almost half a million searches in the US and Canada alone.

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Teaching assistant made the top three – most searches driven from the UK and Ireland, along with social work which came in seventh place.

The full data is available here  

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