A JOBCENTRE in Swindon celebrated its efforts in helping people with additional needs find work.

Seetec Pluss' local branch hosted a training session for candidates before giving them a chance to meet representatives from employers like Nationwide and Prospect Hospice.

Steven, a 28-year-old from West Swindon who did not wish to give his last name, credited the centre with helping him find part-time work as a cleaner.

He said: "I'd been looking for work since I left college years ago. A lot of things had happened to me which stopped me believing in myself and I suffer with depression, but the people here have really boosted my confidence.

"I applied for a lot of jobs but I didn't like busy places with lots of noise and people, but the staff encouraged me to push myself and it worked out, they did an incredible job."

Justin Tomlinson MP said a few words: "It's been a privilege to see first-hand the great work Seetec Pluss are undertaking in my hometown of Swindon, helping disadvantaged people into the workforce and benefitting local business.

“We’ve made great progress with nearly 950,000 more disabled people in work than five years ago. We want to go further, and we will work with employers in Swindon and across the south west to give every disabled person who wants to work the opportunity of a fulfilling career."

Seetec Pluss contract director Paul Hughes said: “We work closely with employers to develop bespoke programmes which help new entrants to take their first steps in the workplace and support those in employment to progress to the next level.

"We also run courses such as digital skills to help those seeking employment to develop the workplace skills employers are looking for.

“We aim to create new opportunities to improve people’s lives by focusing on their strengths and raising aspirations while helping them to overcome their barriers.

"We work closely with employers, large and small to ensure they understand the benefits our customers bring to the workplace.”

The event marked Employability Day 2019.