Oberek is a club that celebrates tradition.

The Polish Folklore Group specialises in Polish folk dancing, rehearsing and performing around Swindon.

Krysia Sas, now retired, runs the group which takes its title from the name of a traditional Polish dance.

“We’re a friendly club who work heard, keep the traditions going and enjoy dancing. It’s a social thing too, we all look out for each other and are friends,” said Mrs Sas.

The club started 26 years ago when a group from the Polish community in Swindon went to a meeting of the Federation of Polish Folklore Groups in Great Britain.

“They came back all fired up and full of enthusiasm, and asked me if I would set something similar up. We still have one couple who joined us when the group was first set up,” Mrs Sas added.

The club learn national dances such as the Polonez, which is stately and walking in nature.

“If you can walk around, you can do it, ” said Mrs Sas.

They dance regional dances which come from the various different parts of Polland, and always perform in traditional costumes.

“We have five sets of costumes for the five regions of Poland and we always match the costume with the particular regional dance to try and be as authentic as possible,” said Mrs Sas.

“Polish dancing is all about pair dancing. We dance polkas and waltzes, it can be quite a work out,” she added.

Krysia Sas started teaching Polish dancing when her own children were little and she led a children’s group.

She first learnt Polish folk dancing as a child.

“I learnt like most children of my generation did, in a school group,” Mrs Sas said.

Oberek perform at weddings as well as town festivals, and most recently danced at the Polish Day festival in Swindon which took place last month.

“That was a really fun day. We especially enjoyed inviting the Mayor and Priest to dance with us up on stage,” said Mrs Sas.

The group rehearse every Tuesday between 8pm and 10pm at The Polish Centre on Walton Close.