POLICE urged parents in Royal Wootton Bassett to talk to their teenage children after receiving reports of anti-social behaviour.

Police visited the land behind Royal Wootton Bassett Academy numerous times since May after receiving complaints from people living on a nearby street.

A police spokesman said: "Parents, please can you talk to your teenagers about congregating in the area?

"Several residents in the Springfield Crescent area are affected by the loud noise, and sometimes damage to their vehicles, when our young people are coming back through.

"We have had reports of fire pits being created and ex-academy students burning their books and barbecues there.

"While we are not against our young people having fun, what we do want, is to ensure they are safe whilst they do this.

"If a fire pit gets out of hand there, the fire service is unable to get trucks to this site to extinguish anything. Same with police and ambulance if these services are needed. We will be completing ad-hoc patrols at this location at various times over the summer"