Policies on where up to 1,000 new houses should go, as well as possible restrictions on the proliferation of shops such as bookmakers and takeaway food parlours, will be debated by top councillors next week.

Members of Swindon Borough Council’s Conservative cabinet will discuss whether to ask for the public’s views on an update to its Local Plan.

The legal document runs out in 2026 and was adopted in 2015, but the council wants to update it. If cabinet approves, it will put the new document out for a major public consultation.

One of the key additions will be finding space for housing. Revised estimates of the borough’s growth mean it expects to need 19,500 more houses by 2036, less than it previously expected, with many already allocated to sites such as the New Eastern Villages, Wichelstowe and Kingsdown.

But there is limited space in the Swindon Urban Area, with a lot of unbuilt land being designated as open space and defended fiercely by neighbours. About 1,000 houses will have to be built on greenfield land outside the current urban area boundary.

The consultation, if given the go-ahead by cabinet, identifies four strategic options to accommodate the additional homes.

Option one includes continuing the expansion of Swindon to the north and allocating some additional land for housing in Highworth or Wroughton.

The second option suggests some development at Highworth, Wroughton and other villages, while options three and four focus development at Blunsdon and Wroughton respectively.

Residents will be asked for their views on each proposal and the council is keen to understand what local infrastructure improvements people would like to see.

If approved by the cabinet, the consultation would run from July 29 until September 23.

The cabinet will meet at 6pm on Wednesday, July 10 at the civic offices in Euclid Street.

The public can attend and the meeting starts with public questions.