Users of one of Swindon's most popular parks will be asked if restrictions on dogs there should stay.

Officers at Swindon Borough Council have hailed the public space protection order against dogs not on leads in certain areas of Lydiard Park as extremely successful - cutting complaints about nuisance dogs form the dozens per year to very few.

Under law the council has to ask people their views on whether they can renew the order after three years, and that consultation started this week.

Alison Waine, the council’s environmental protection officer for animals, said: “This order has so far proved very successful and we would love to know what people think about our plans to extend it.

“Lydiard Park is one of Swindon’s most beautiful open spaces and this order ensures that it can be enjoyed by everybody.

“I would fully encourage people to take part in the consultation and the results will be published soon after.”

The order requires dogs to be kept on leads in certain areas of the park at specific times and excludes dogs at all times from the small, fully enclosed Walled Garden and rick yard area. The order does not apply to registered assistance dogs.

Public Spaces Protection Orders were introduced as part of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. If a PSPO is breached the perpetrator may receive a £100 on the spot fine, or may face a fine of up to £1,000 in the magistrates court. The aim of the legislation, however, is to change behaviour, rather than to seek financial recompense.

The vast majority of dog owners have so far conformed to the requirements and those that have been spoken to by officers have immediately complied with their request. No fixed penalty notices have been issued under the order

The consultation available at under ‘consultations and surveys’ will end on at 5pm on July 30.