Breeding birds, and mammals such as hedgehogs and badgers will be protected during the building of 70 houses in south Swindon.

Developers Places for People, based in Bristol, have planning permission to build the homes on Piper's way - but one of the planning conditions is that work can't start without a plan to protect biodiversity during construction.

The plans submitted by the developers says: "To avoid affecting nesting birds clearance of potential bird breeding habitat forming scrub and trees will be completed in the winter period in the months between September and March, or failing that subject to an inspection immediately prior to felling that there are no breeding birds present.

"During the construction period there is a risk that hedgehogs and badger)could get trapped in open trenches left open overnight.

"The installation of ramps required for badger will be beneficial in this respect."

A nearby 'pocket park', which may be used by contractors' vehicles during the construction phase will have its semi-improved grassland restored after building work is completed.

The biodiversity plan has been approved by planners at Swindon Borough Council.