MIDWIVES from Swindon will take part in a 100k walk along the south coast to raise awareness of stillbirth and neonatal deaths.

The group of eight see the heartbreak the death of a baby brings to women and their families regularly during their work at the Great Western Hospital.

What started out as something to get fit soon became a fundraiser and they are hoping to reach a total of £5,000. So far, they have raised just over £2,000.

Kathryn Harrison, 30, is one of the midwives who will be trying to raise money for Sands, a charity that works with anyone affected by the death of a baby.

She has been a midwife for ten years and said: “We are all midwives; we all have journeys with women who have families and stillborns.

"We wanted to do this to raise money for families who go through this.”

The group have been grabbing moments to train between day and night shifts at the hospital, with one midwife, Janet Peart, 53, fitting in more miles than the rest of them.

This could be the first of many challenges the midwives take on, but for now they are testing the waters in the hope of raising some awareness.

Naomi Lee, 34, who is taking part in the walk alongside Kathryn, said: “We have witnessed families go through their lives afterwards.

"Sands is amazing, and we want to raise awareness.”

Every day around 15 babies die a day either before or after they are born in the UK.

In 2017 there were 5,331 stillbirths and neonatal deaths.

Kathryn said: “All of us who are doing it are three years qualified to 30 years. We are all patient about it and doing our jobs.

"If I can make that a bit easier then that’s what you aim to do.”

Naomi added: “It’s tiring but you have to be that strong person for them. You never forget and want to make a lasting impact.”

Sands offer free support to those who are affected with a national helpline, forums and a network of support groups.

It helps to train midwives and doctors in how to support parents when their baby dies.