A SWINDON couple have hit out over the council’s failure to fix the hole in their roof for five years.

James and Patricia Docketty reached the end of their tether after Swindon Borough Council cancelled repair work which was scheduled for the end of last week.

But, just days after the grandparents approached the Adver with their story, workmen appeared to carry out the long-awaited repairs.

“I can’t believe it – it’s actually been fixed,” said James, who works as a security officer for BT.

“I’m just so relieved that we no longer have to put up with water coming into our bedroom."

The couple, who live at 96 Ruskin Avenue in Upper Stratton and are both in their 70s, had been given numerous dates for the work to be done, all of which they say were cancelled at the last minute.

James said: “Each time they have been due to come, they just phone up a few days before and say they’re not coming.”

Patricia added: “We’ve been complaining to the council about our roof for about five years.

“So I’m over the moon that its sorted now. It’s just marvellous to have it fixed and sorted,” she added.

“They were full of excuses for why the work got cancelled – there’s not enough scaffolding, there’s not enough men to do the work, it’s the wrong weather.

“We were getting really, really fed up, and really, really angry."

James told the Adver: “Since you’ve spoken with someone, Bob’s your uncle, it’s all been done in a day.

“And they’ve done a very good job."

The couple had been living with scaffolding around their house since May 21.

“We’re old age pensioners, we don’t want the scaffolding around, it’s a hazard to us,” said James.

Patricia first came to Ruskin Avenue when she was four years old, and moved into the couple’s current home in 1972.

James joined her in 2001 after the couple, who recently celebrated their wedding anniversary, got married.

They first noticed problems five years ago when a stain appeared on their bedroom ceiling.

“We had a gentleman from the council up in the attic to look at it," said Patricia.

“He said he would report it to the council. But since then nothing has happened."

The couple, who have nine grandchildren, say they had to put buckets out and move their bed to stop it getting wet in the rain.

“It’s ridiculous that we had to put up with this for so long,” said Patricia.

James added: “It’s just been one long saga, and it shouldn’t have to get to this stage. It’s a right shambles."

A council spokesman said: “We are pleased to report that we have been out to our tenants’ home (yesterday) to complete the repair. Plasterers have been booked in for (today) to finish off the internal repairs.”