A SWINDON singer was thrust into the big time when one of her tracks was used to pull the heartstrings on Love Island.

Zoe Mead's cover version of Snow Patrol's You Could Be Happy played as Amy Hart made an emotional exit from the hit ITV show, which draws more than four million viewers every night.

The shell-shocked vocalist said: “It was quite an iconic moment. My phone was going off all night from people who I have never heard of.

“It doesn’t really dawn on you the power of the show, you don’t realise the amount of people that watch.”

Zoe is the lead singer and writer for the band Wyldest, who she set up alongside two of he friends four years ago.

Her moment in the spotlight came after she received a letter from ITV asking her to send over a few demos they could choose from – but little did she know that Love Island was the show they had in mind.

She discovered her tune would be playing during Tuesday's episode only four hours before it aired and says her mum was running around the house with joy.

Zoe said: “I had a publishing bill, but they didn’t say it was for Love Island.

"I spent the weekend doing demos and they picked that one. It’s a really competitive game.”

Her performance even won praise from the man who wrote the song, Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody.

He tweeted: "I absolutely love this. Thanks for covering it."

Zoe plays in the indie-rock-pop band alongside bassist Mariin Kallikorn and drummer Jack Gooderham.

She said: “They’re fully supportive of me as a writer and they let me do what I need to do.”

But she is not going to let her new-found fame go to her head, adding: “I have been doing this for a long time, you can be up one minute and then down the next.

"It’s an amazing step but you have to keep getting on with it.”

Zoe also works as a freelance editor, compiling a variety of news and music videos for companies such as MTV, Capital FM and BT Sports to help supplement her career as a musician.

Wyldest have played at the CloseUp Festival and other events across the UK.

Having released a new album, ‘Dream Chaos’, they will be playing at The Hop Inn as part of the annual Swindon Shuffle tomorrow night.

The event works alongside the charity Mind, which supports anyone suffering with a mental health illness.