Drug related deaths in Wiltshire have risen by 82 per cent since 2013 with less money being spent on rehab.

According to a report from addiction treatment firm UKAT, a series of Freedom of Information requests were issued to councils across the South West, and of the ones who replied it was revealed that £29 million was being spent on substance misuse services which was 17 per cent less than the £35 million in 2013.

The worst offending councils included Wiltshire where the budget was slashed by £2.2 million which coincides with drug related deaths rising by 82 per cent.

Eytan Alexander, managing director of UKAT, said: “If less money is being spent by local councils on placing those most vulnerable into treatment, then we will undoubtedly see even more public rehabs be forced to close their doors by this time next year.

“Not everyone can afford to pay for their addiction treatment, but everyone deserves to be treated and to be given a second chance.

“It is not a coincidence that as councils spend less on substance misuse treatment, public rehabs close down and more people die.

“It feels like councils here have lost all humanity."