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1. Oakleys Spar, High Street – Chiseldon

FOR Sherry Hawkins, Mizelley Furber and Karen Stacey Thompson, Oakleys Spar in Chiseldon deserves the crown.

Mizelley said: “All the staff there are so friendly and helpful. They have a well-stocked shop with the added bonus of a Post Office. We are very lucky in Chiseldon to have such an excellent amenity in our village.”

Sherry said the shop is “friendly warm and inviting”.

Karen added: “ Everyone is so friendly and a real hub of our little village. Nothing is ever too much and they stock anything you could ever need.”

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2. Coleview Express, Nythe Road

FOR some readers, Coleview Express provides a high-quality service and merits to be named among the ‘best of the best’.

Shaun Rickie Perry said: “Coleview Express, nice family, really clean and tidy always, and when it snowed, they cleared a path to the shop. Can’t ask for more than that.”

Sarah Mowat agreed with Shaun and said: “They are so lovely.”

Sophie Annabelle added: “Loveliest owners ever, so polite and friendly.

The store is open 6am to 8pm, except Sunday from 6.30am to 1pm.

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3. Greenmeadow Stores, Thames Avenue

GREENMEADOW Stores was widely cited by our readers.

Ruth N Kevin said: “Greenmeadow Stores always has what you need and don’t need. Great value, friendly staff and open 365 days a year for those little things you forget.”

Cella Dan said: “They have the best ice-cream EVER and on top of that it has a great price.”

And Rachel Cleary added: “Always has everything you need plus coffee (cappuccinos for £1). What more could you want?”

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4. Okus Convenience Store, Celsius Grove

READERS praised the shop for the wide range of items available and the friendly atmosphere.

Michael Somerville said: “Such a friendly place to shop and has all the essentials.”

Anna Spooner mentioned the shop for the same reasons. She said: “There’s a vast array of goods. Lovely people.”

The shop is open every day from 7am to 9:30pm.

Okus Convenience store is part of premier-stores, a retail company that has more than 3,200 shops across the UK.

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5. Bailey’s Corner, Cheney Manor Road

FOR Naomi Pettefar, Bailey’s Corner offers a good range of products.

The shop is located in the corner of Ferndale Road and Cheney Manor Road, not far from Ferndale Community Primary School.

Naomi had praised for the owner saying: “Fantastic owner, always friendly and kind always go in their with kids on treat day and they always enjoy choosing their favourites.”