Wiltshire Police will now take crime reports online.

The new form will take just a few minutes to complete and is intended to be used for non-emergency's.

If you are a witness or a victim then you can visit wiltshire.police.uk and click report, but in an emergency you are still advised to call 999.

Supt Phil Staynings said: "We have created an online crime reporting service on the website to allow the public to report non-emergency crimes and incidents.

"The service has been designed to provide the public with another way of contacting Wiltshire Police to report non-emergency matters. These matters will be similar to those currently reported via 101.

"We hope to reduce the number of calls coming through 101 and improve waiting times.

"Statistics from other police forces using online crime recording show that it will improve the accuracy and efficiency of recording crime.

"It offers members of the public another channel to report crime if they prefer doing this digitally."