Chief Constable of Wiltshire police Keir Pritchard raised his concerns that the entire black community of the borough of Swindon is said to be at a higher risk of mental health difficulties.

A mental health strategic needs update presented to Swindon Borough Council's health and wellbeing board lists groups assessed as being at a higher risk of problems: it includes LGBT people, those leaving prison, carers, the unemployed, people living alone and those with debt problems and drug and alcohol dependency as well as the black community.

Mr Pritchard said: "I'm not very comfortable with the entire black community being included on this list.

"That doesn't feel like its proportionate."

Francis Mayes, senior public health manager at the borough council said the list had been compiled from national standards and statistics on groups of the population who are more likely to suffer mental health difficulties, but agreed to amend it in light of Mr Pritchard's concerns.