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Wheelie what a waste

I note from your paper that our master at the borough council will meet the scrutiny committee next week to boast of achievements in the past year.

I wonder if he will say anything about the inefficiency of the waste collectors and also of the appalling service provided by their call centre?

For the second time in two months my wheelie bin has been missed.

On each occasion I have, with difficulty, contacted the Council call centre and then the call centre for the waste collection.

Last time this took 30 minutes to get through. I contacted them on the same day the bin was not emptied.

But in spite of that, the household waste was not collected so will presumably stay there now until this Thursday.

So some of the household waste has been left festering in the bin for four weeks.

Two of my local councillors have taken up this matter.

But to no avail. This is quite unacceptable.

The situation is made even worse by the difficulty in getting though to some human being to speak to in waste collection.

The council is obviously trying to force people to use the internet to contact them.

Many people can’t, won’t, or don’t want to use the internet. It is quite unfair to treat them in this way.

Obviously the call centres are understaffed. The council can blame the cuts - everything is blamed on the cuts to their budget from the Government.

It’s their party in power - how much have they really protested?

This government’s austerity policy has fragmented the social framework of this country in a way that Margaret Thatcher would have applauded!

But it’s no use using this as an excuse - it’s a disgrace, not an excuse!

Sherry Waldon, Kingswood Avenue, Park North

Right to an opinion

I have to say I disagree with the sentiment expressed by Nicola Spull in letters June 24.

She describes how Sarah Church’s support for a people’s vote as a way forward for MPs to resolve the Brexit mess has disappointed her as a life-long Labour supporter.

My sentiment is the opposite.

I think the Swindon South Labour candidate, for the position she holds, has consistently expressed a realistic, yet independent minded attitude to a situation which would take the wisdom of Suliman to negotiate.

After all, it was David Cameron, goaded by Nigel Farage, who plunged country into this divisive mess, not Sarah Church(!)

If she now believes the situation needs looking at again, then she’s right to say it.

I’m not a member of any party at the moment.

I’ve been a member of three different parties in my life, and if there was anyone who would cause me to consider rejoining Labour, it would be Sarah!

Steve Rouse, Wroughton

Hospital pressure

Our Great Western Hospital has to cancel a lot of appointments .

Some of us old people are of the belief that older people are put back.

Would this be anything to do with all the new houses being put up and the hospital not being prepared by not being given the extra infrastructure and staff to be able to cope?

I also feel this is not made any better by people not turning up for appointments.

These people, in my opinion should be charged, unless in special circumstances.

Roy Small, Haydon Wick, Swindon

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