A TOWN centre school transformed its annual fundraiser into full-on festival with live music from Swindon bands along with a packed schedule of games and activities.

The event brought the whole neighbourhood together for hours of fun in the sun. Julie Baker and Russell Day brought their son William along for a relaxed day out.

Julie said: "William is starting there in September so we thought it would be nice to show him round and have a look at what Croft does. Everyone has been really friendly and the outdoor space is great.

"He enjoyed having his face painted and listening to the music while we had a glass of prosecco and barbecued food."

Russell said: "Yes, there was something for everyone.

"Events like this are great, it shows the staff are dedicated to making sure the children are well looked-after and enjoying themselves."

The lineup included music from the Croft choir, guitarist and vocalist Drew Bryant, Joji and the Souls, and Ministry of Samba along with dancing from Two-Step Dance and the Academy of Street Dance.

Sophie Riordan and her three boys James, Alex and Jonathan all had a good time. Sophie said: "I think it's fabulous, we were camped up with lots of friends having a picnic.

"It's always been lovely but there was a lot more space this time and it really did feel like a festival with a summery vibe.

"The children liked playing football and having a bit of freedom, playing the tombola and having candy floss, plus everyone was really happy and it was very well-organised.

"They go to school here and thought it was a treat for them to see the teachers get punished in the stocks and have wet sponges thrown at them."

Headteacher Elaine Murphy said: "Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good time and we had a steady flow of people coming in throughout the day. Hopefully we'll do an event this big every year from now on.

"We've had a lot of help from residents and external groups in setting this up. It was a big team effort and we were keen to invite the neighbours and get residents involved.

"One of our PTA members is part of the Old Town Festival committee so she had a lot of contacts that helped us bring in local music acts to perform. Plus, we had dancers as well as our school choir, recorders and Year 6 students playing which was great.

"The money is going back into the school and it makes a huge difference, it's so important. Over the years, we've raised more than £45,000 since the school opened which has gone towards a new minibus, an outdoor multi-gym and a new library. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped make this happen."

"The STFC Football in the Community Foundation came along and the Croft Sports Centre provided soft play equipment for kids to enjoy."