A chef at a luxury hotel has been sacked after pouring boiling butter down the buttocks of a fellow employee.

Nathan Davies was left with visible scarring following the incident at Calcot Manor Hotel and Spa, near Tetbury.

He claims during his two years working at the hotel we was punched, burned and forced to eat disgusting items.

Nathan also claims he was asked to continue working, against the advice of doctors, but this is denied by the hotel.

Writing on Facebook he said: "Everyone should be careful working in kitchens and not take abuse or anything similar to what I’ve experienced in case it ends up like this.

"Hopefully this raises awareness for how dangerous being in a kitchen can be."

In response, Calcot Manor has denied they have a problem with bullying.

Its official statement read: "We were as shocked as everyone else by the incident that has occurred to a member of our staff and appropriate action was taken without hesitation.

"The member of staff responsible was immediately disciplined and dismissed at the time and he has not set foot in the kitchen since the incident several weeks ago.

"Regarding all accusations of a wider culture of bullying in our kitchens, this is strenuously denied, and our ongoing investigations with the team lead us to believe that this is an isolated incident.

"As yet, we have found no evidence of this wider culture, but our enquiries continue today and if we find anything that can be corroborated, we will act immediately as we have done so previously."

The hotel also made it clear that executive chef Richard Davies was not the person responsible for the incident.

Writing on social media he said he was 'deeply sorry, embarrassed and mortified' about what had happened, but said he was not at Calcot when the incident took place.