David Rennard, leader of the Swindon Borough Council, will write to the secretary of state for health and social care about waiting times at A&E at the Great Western Hospital.

He will also urge the secretary to publish a long-awaited green paper on the future funding of adult social care.

Here is what you said on Facebook and on the Adver website:

Jan Bailey: “Underfunded by the government for years, I am amazed that the staff keep going at all. The dedication of the staff is to be praised.

“We need to look forward, to press for much needed change in funding and services, to suggest solutions and support those who will work towards that.”

Charli Wilson: “Not only are the staff overworked and underpaid. They deal with grief from the masses about the decline in care and the increasing wait times.

“They deserve so much better than what our government is giving them.”

Freya Mears: “If they hadn’t demolished three out of four hospitals and built one half the size, maybe we wouldn’t have a problem with a lack of beds.”

Adrian Skyes: “Perhaps if they had a larger hospital with more staff they would be able to cope.

“The council want to build more houses and where do you go when you have an accident or are ill?

“Larger population in Swindon is starting to take its toll on the hospital!”

Haylwy Goggin: “So why have they given planning for all the new houses yet the hospital was small when it was built in the first place.

“The staff at the hospital work hard, perhaps some of the councillors would like to go and work a shift up there to see what real work is like.”

Lilia Chris Carlos-Baker: “Who made the decisions to close PMH, St. Margaret’s, the Victoria and Wroughton and replace it with a smaller hospital despite major concerns expressed at the time?

“We were called dinosaurs for not keeping up with modern care, that community care was the thing. Worked out well hasn’t it?

“By the way, care i have received at GWH has been exceptional so no issues with that.

“Just management and development issues under all governments.”

Paper Chase 2: “You councillors make me sick, our hospital is at breaking point yet you still pass plans for more housing.

“It is not rocket science that the hospital is far too small for the population of Swindon and the surrounding areas.

“If you were to spend a weekend at the A&E department you will see for yourself that many of the patients attending the hospital should not even be there because of their minor injuries.

“The hospital tries to work with what staff they have and I have nothing but praise for all hospital staff, from the cleaning staff right up to the doctors and surgeons.

“I have received exceptional treatment and so has my husband and many of my family.

“As I have always said, there should be a separate hospital for the older generation, like there was at Stratton many years ago.

“I do not mind paying a certain amount of my council tax for social care but I do mind when the councillors have a large salary, take their time dismissing people and waste our money of other things that are not important.

“Stop building new houses unless you are prepared to fund a new hospital for the vulnerable people of our society.”