PENSIONERS had the chance to show off their best moves when a new exercise class began at White Lodge Care Home.

The class promotes health and wellbeing for anyone over 65.

It is so inclusive that this week's session saw a lady with a broken leg getting involved – as exercises can be done sitting down or standing up.

Jessica Avila, general manager of the Braydon Road home, said: “It promotes their wellbeing and brings the community together and helps them to create friendships.

"It's really lovely when they make new friends. They really enjoy it and it helps their mobility. It’s simple exercise and they can cope with it.

"Most of our residents are able to mobilise because of the regular exercise that we encourage them to do.”

The fortnightly class runs for an hour on Tuesdays and is free to attend.

Resident ambassaor Jeanie Smith, 94, said: “I find it smashing and friendly. We get to meet a lot of people and I chat to everybody.

"They get to exercise, and the majority of people like to do it. They’re quite happy to do it.”

Activities coordinator Tina Hughes said: “It’s a good get together. They all enjoy it, have a laugh and find it fun.

"They don’t realise they’re exercising because it’s fun and it’s a good meeting point as well."

On August 1, the care home will be having a magic table launch, a rare game that helps with dementia. It will be taking place from 1-3pm.