CAMPAIGN group 38 Degrees brought roaming billboards to Swindon to highlight the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit on local jobs.

Hundreds of posters were put up in the town over the weekend and thousands of leaflets pushed through letterboxes while two mobile hoardings toured the centre to convey the message.

This sparked a heated debate between Adver readers...

BEN FIOCCA: "No type of Brexit will ever be good enough for hardcore Leavers. Liam Fox, a Leaver himself, is now being called a Remoaner by the Brexit Party because he is having to face reality. All they are doing is eating themselves. Pathetic."

MARTIN COSTELLO: "I wonder what multi-millionaire with vested interests is funding this latest Project Fear? Only the failing EU need a deal, they will collapse without our funding.

"We 'didn't take back control' because the losers won't accept the result and are sabotaging our orderly exit."

"The political establishment will keep us in as long as possible. Our only hope now is for the Brexit Party to break the shackles of the EU and restore democracy."

ANDY COLE: "A Brexit party supporter questioning which rich bloke is funding a remain campaign? I’m assuming the irony is completely lost on you then."

BRETT SLIPPER: "Let's have another vote two out of three? Because Remainers didn't like Leavers winning."

MATT STRONG: "Yes, because no deal Brexit was exactly what we were told we'd be getting by the Leave campaign - except, of course, it wasn't, that's only become an article of faith recently when the Brexit hardcore's 'cake and eat it' 'unicorns for all' ideas came up against reality.

"As and when this all goes horribly wrong, it still won't be Brexiteers' fault, it'll still be 'Remoaners' for not accepting the 'will of the people' and not being accessories to stupidity."

BOB LEIGHFIELD: "Brexit now, no more delays or excuses. Implement the people's vote now and restore democracy."

ADAM POOLE: "Nobody who voted leave could possibly have known what they were voting for as the leave campaign did not put forward a plan. Simple to understand but too much for most leavers, apparently."

MARCUS CARLTON: "I love it when Remoaners tell me what I did or didn’t vote for."

WILLIAM EVANS: "Swindon seems to be the only town to be overly worried by anything about Brexit."

SHEELAGH JONES: "Is it over yet, is it safe to be English?"

DAVID KING: "I see the word 'could' on that board. Project Fear up to its old tricks again. It's only the rich and champagne socialists who want to remain. Swindon is a leave town and the people won't change their minds and I certainly won't."

ALLISON STANDLEY: "Most people I speak to about it have no real idea what it means to go to WTO terms and why we should pay a leaving fee.

"They seem to think it’s ok for us to walk away and then spend years being sued for what we owe. Anyone who works in import/export will tell you this is all madness."

MATTHEW SIRRELLE: "I wonder how many of these people and organisations did any campaigning before the vote took place."

'ELLORY': "Everyone who voted did so because they had an opinion on what was best for the country. It's very sad that this goal has now been turned into a 'Remoaners' vs 'Brexiters' argument that always ends up in one camp being accused of stupidity, ignorance, bigotry.

"There are misguided people on both sides of the debate and it's a shame that instead of trying to educate and have a dialogue, people immediately resort to name-calling and the standard politically-charged rhetoric."