Visitors to FI Real Estate's Management's public exhibition were not entirely won over by the slick graphics and discussions with the company's staff and consultants.

Susan Bascombe, 70, who lives in Walcot said: "This isn't what Swindon needs. What it needs is a proper market, and proper shops for both young and older people and a proper bus station and good bus services to bring people to town.

"These flats are yuppie flats and they'll just have yuppie shops for them and that's not what we need."

Mark Roberts, 52, who lives in the town centre said: "I don't know how viable all this is. The plan to build flats on the covered market has gone quiet, so I don't know if the economics of all this stacks up."

Parking bothered other visitors.

Alec Saren said: "People won't want to buy an expensive flat if they can't park their car. I wouldn't want to park an expensive car overnight in the multi-storey."

The public exhibition continues today at the Brunel Centre 1.30- 6.30pm.