We asked you who sells the best sausages in Swindon, Royal Wootton Bassett and Highworth and here are your top five recommendations...

1. Three Trees Farm and Cafe, Swindon

FOR some Three Trees Farm and Café come in the top as one of the best places that sell a good sausage. For Daniel Wells he would definitely go here when he wants a top-quality sausage. Three Trees café is in Chiseldon, a village in Swindon that sells meat and other products that come locally. They stock fruit, vegetables and jams, and serve-up cakes, cooked breakfasts and lunches. They are open Tuesday to Saturday at 9:30am to 5:30pm and on a Sunday they are open from 10am to 4pm.

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2. G.W.Hunt & Son Family Butchers, Swindon

NEXT on the list is G.W.Hunt & Son Family Butchers in Swindon.

For Aimee Gullis it’s one of the best, with Kay Turner and Jon Arnold agreeing with Aimee on that one. Harris Alvin is one who finds this butcher the best. He said: “It’s the absolute best, hands down. I use them exclusively for catering.” You can find it at 176 Rodbourne Road in Swindon and it’s open Tuesday to Friday from 8am to 5.30pm, closing earlier on Wednesday at 1pm and Saturday at 5pm.

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3. Crumps Butchers, Royal Wootton Bassett

FOR many Crumps Butchers in Royal Wootton Bassett comes first with the best banger. As Jane Asty, Neil Cooper and Dave Haines vote it to be number one. Dave said: “Crumps in Wootton Bassett for their traditional English style, huge selection of flavours and ingredients.” Crumps has been open for twenty-five years and sell British meat. It’s been run by the Crump family, first opened by Keith Crump and his wife Jean and is now run by their son Andy. They sell different kinds of meat including their 28 varieties of sausages and their famous Bassett Banger.

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4. Delikatesy Smaczek, Swindon

NEXT for the best sausage in the area is Delikatesy Smaczek. For Pawel Pa, Graeme Winspear and Pawel Jakubczyk rate this as one of the best. Pawel said: “It’s perfect for a BBQ and has a variety of delicious smoked sausages on a sandwich you can buy.” It’s a Polish shop that has been open since 2008, for someone from Poland who wants a taste of home or someone who wants to broaden their food culture. You can find this shop that in the Brunel shopping centre next Costa Coffee. It is on Havelock Square and it’s open Monday to Friday at 9am to 6pm.

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5. Andrews Quality Meats, Highworth

NEXT up is Andrews Quality Meats in Highworth in third place. For Emma Launchbury and Kerry Cope have given this butcher two thumbs up. Kerry Cope said: “Their “Bloody Lovelies” really live up to their name.” Emma has given a shout out to Andrews Quality Meats for when the best time is to have a banger, she said: “They cook them on a BBQ when the market is on.” They sell a range of meats from local venison to dry-aged beef, but nothing can beat their homemade sausages. They even cater events whether it’s a party or a BBQ that you want to have. What more could you want? They are on the High Street in Highworth and are open Tuesday to Friday at 7am to 5pm but on Saturday they’re open 7am to 1pm.

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