With summer arriving, that means that the festival season is in full swing in and around Swindon.

Already we’ve had the WrdeUp festival in Highworth and next up we have the MFor Festival on July 27.

The Adver sat down with the organisers of these two events to get an inside look at Swindon’s festival scene.

The first event is WrdeUp, a Highworth festival which sees around 1,200 visitors each year.

This year's was held earlier this month and was big success.

Organiser Steve Pearcy told us how it was put together.

“After the event is finished, we agree when to next meet up and discuss our plans for next year," he said.

“The first thing we do is look at what was good and bad from the previous year and go from there. We look at what could have been improved – something like getting in 22 barrels of lager instead of 20.

“We look at how well certain stalls did, whether they’re worth bringing back for the next time. And then we decide to do it all over again.

“First thing we do for the next year is to provisionally book the stage and the security. After that we get into the nitty-gritty. We notify the football and rugby club that we’ll be using their field again and tell the public what the current dates are.

“Once we’ve finalised the budget we start looking at what acts we can afford and we get in touch with agencies and negotiate prices to get the right acts.

“We need to look at what our demographic is and then find the right acts that fit that audience.

“Then it’s all the smaller details like booking the local pizza guy, confirming the stage, reminding the council again, but everything is listed and equally important.

“Getting closer to the date we have to go around and notify the local houses. All it takes is one complaint and the council could stop us entirely.

“On the day, the main issues we face is making sure everyone’s turned up, the acts and the stalls. The biggest issue we have is sometimes people will turn up and start asking for more power than we can safely give them, so we have to find a way around that.

“On the day it’s phenomenal. After a year of planning, you stand on the stage and see people loving the event, there’s nothing quite like it.”

The second, and newest, festival we contacted was the MFor Festival, which is at Lydiard Park on July 27 and will feature Years and Years, Toploader, Phats & Small and many others.

We spoke to Joanna Hartle, the event's producer.

She said: “A festival of this size is quite an undertaking. There’s multiple planning and a variety of spreadsheets but it’s surprisingly similar to a lot of other events – just on a much larger scale.

“The idea is to make it as smooth as possible. We look at what we can do to make everything work, things such as how we would deal with bad weather.

“The event is constantly evolving. We’ve become much more process driven because there is so much information.

“We have to make sure everyone knows what’s happening, from the audience, to the acts, to the stalls.

“We want people to say ‘wow’ when they come into our event.

"We have a message and we want people to feel accepted and feel able to access events like these.

“But it is very complex. We have around 150 crew in total, 2,000m of barriers and a total of 30 artists.

“When it comes to the planning it would usually take around 11 months and start about two weeks after the previous event.

“This year was quite tough. The festival had no background, so you have to prove yourself. Reputation is everything.

“The booking takes negotiation, we need to show that this is something artists want to be involved in.

“Everything’s a bit of a jigsaw and you’ve got to make sure you have the stamina to keep up with everything.”