The future of a play park in north Swindon is becoming clearer.

Earlier this year there were concerns that the park in Wallis Drive might have to close because neither Swindon Borough Council, nor St Andrews Parish Council was willing to take it on.


The play park is one of 12 the borough hoped to pass on to the parish council on a 99-year lease, giving responsibility for maintenance to the lower authority.

But in March the parish chairman, Vera Tomlinson, who is also a borough councillor said it couldn’t afford the thousands of pounds it would cost to improve. The borough council said the bill was not as high as the parish estimated.

Now, some agreement has been reached.

Coun Tomlinson said: “It’s nearly sorted. The borough has done something about the equipment where it has rusted, and it has cleared moss from the ground. But it hasn’t treated it so it doesn’t come back and that must be done.

“I'm meeting next week with the leader of the borough council to discuss what will be done about the steps.

“The council’s officers came out and said they would make them less wide and add a rail down the side.

“I hope it’s a positive meeting, they normally are.”