TWO Swindon sisters have lost none of their bounce half a century after an Adver photographer visited their playgroup.

Now they’re in another Adver story thanks to a phone call from Nashville, Tennesee.

Like many of our picture captions during the Apollo mission, the one with the black and white image had a lunar theme.

It said: “Seven-year-old Georgina Daniels was very much in style when she played with her pogo-stick at Covingham Park Junior School playgroup.

“Edwin Aldrin gave a few bounces when he stepped onto the moon’s surface on Sunday, but Georgina was quite content to do he bouncing on this planet.”

At the far right of the picture was Georgina’s sister, Tina, who is 17 months younger.

Today they are Georgina Richards and Tina Davis, and as close as ever.

Georgina, who lives in Stratton St Margaret, went on to work in finance and has been a fosterer for 13 years.

She is married to Terry and the couple have four children.

Carl is 38, Liam is 31, Nicole 36 and Taylor 15. The couple also have four grandchildren.

Daughter Nicole now lives in Nashville, and remembered her mum talking about the picture appearing shortly after the first moon landing. She got in touch with the Adver.

We were happy to track down the edition - and Georgina and Tina were happy to pose for a new picture on a back garden trampoline.

Georgina said: “I remember it really well. We were at a summer camp. It was the holidays at Covingham Park combined infants’ and junior school.

“I remember somebody coming up to me and asking whether I’d like to have my photo taken.”

Georgina recalls wondering why she was being photographed until she learned that it was somehow connected to the moon landing, an event she remembers being a little underwhelmed by.

“I remember watching it on the black and white TV and thinking what an awful picture it was - getting excited to see it and not being able to see it because it was so fuzzy and black and white!”

She was delighted and surprised when she heard that Nicole had been in touch with the Adver.

“It’s amazing that somebody can live all those thousands of miles away and ring up and do something like this.”

As a fosterer, Georgina is anxious to promote the work of Action for Children, the charity formerly known as National Children’s Home.

Its website is