The people of Swindon will be asked where, and how, their town should expand.

The council’s cabinet has voted to go to public consultation on options for renewing the town’s Local Plan – a legally required document setting out how the borough develops.

It says Swindon needs to identify space for another 1,000 houses over and above the areas already identified for expansion

Adver readers were keen to offer their own suggestions...

DEAN KERSHAW-EVANS: "I know a good place - Wanborough, right on this lovely fella's doorstep.

"Swindon has enough so how about they are built on the doorstep of those in nice little villages instead of dumping them in Swindon and asking what they want.

COLIN CROWTHER: "Stick a Travelodge, Starbucks and Subway next to him too!"

LAURA TAWN: "No more building. Way too much countryside has already been lost. No more."

WILLY SEAVANOS: "On the Honda site, might as well make use of it."

RICHARD LIMBRICK: "Council office site looks good to me!"

CHRIS WATSON: "Nowhere!"

PAUL DAVIS: "52,000 people signed a petition against building houses at Coate and they took no notice of that. Why will this be any different?"

CLAIRE BATNER: "There are too many houses being built in Swindon. Why not build another hospital instead?"

SAMUEL HORWOOD: "We still have a small town structure but a city population. Sort roads, hospital and town centre out before even building more homes."

ALEX CLARK: "Any councillor that thinks adding to the population of Swindon in its current state needs their head testing.The place is getting worse."

HANNAH BOARDMAN: "I'm sure there are plenty of brown field sites which could be developed before greenfield sites."

CHRISTINE WILLS: "Build more roads instead of houses, it's no fun to drive around Swindon any more."

KEVIN WEBB: "Build it all around Gary Sumner's house and see how he likes it."

'WE NEED CHANGE NOW': "They will ask the public then totally ignore them as usual.

"It's all about ticking a box to say that they have but there is no box to say they took anything said into consideration.

"A total waste of time and resources."

'EYES PEELED': "I hope the town will also get extra funding from central government for infrastructure and public services to go along with the extra allocation for new homes they have been handed.

"There are still lots of opportunities in the town centre and dotted around the town for higher density, brownfield developments or replacement of existing low quality AND vacant buildings that could soak up the extra without the need to take up more greenfield sites on the edges of town."

'LOADOFFBACK': "What green corridor? The damage has been done and more will take place with the New Eastern Villages."

'BADS': "If they must keep building the things, then build them in the town centre to fill in the gaps left by empty shops.

"Leave the last few green spaces alone and start to think about how we can reduce populations, rather than ruin the earth."

'MATTANDJIMMY': "This is just box ticking. They will do what they like regardless.

"I haven't generally got a problem with development. What I have a problem with is that no decent infrastructure is developed before housing is put in."