Experts at Swindon's Great Western Hospital are warning parents of the risks to children as the summer holidays approach.

With pupils all set to break up for six weeks, paediatricians say there is a greater chance of them suffering injuries - be it through crossing the road, trampolining, riding a bike or playing sport.

Consultant paediatrician Dr Lucy Grain said: “One of the most important things you can teach your child is road safety. It’s vital that children know how to behave at the side of the road, by always looking both ways and only crossing at safe points, such as zebra or pelican crossings.

"Unfortunately, we do see children involved in road traffic collisions which is traumatic for all involved. Simple conversations about road safety might just save a life.”

Tim Slade, consultant in emergency medicine, added: “We see more football and cycling related injuries, but one of the more risky activities is trampolining.

"Children should be encouraged to enjoy their time off school but parents and children should also know how to stay safe."

Hospital staff have also stressed the importance of taking prescribed medicine away on holiday and having repeat prescriptions organised.