To coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, a campaign was launched by the UK Space Agency.

Alongside the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the campaign aimed to discover people's memories of the moon landing across the UK.

Thanks to the campaign memories from some of Swindon's residents have come to light.

Margaret Fryer from Covingham said: "I was at Wuerzburg, Germany, spending a semester at the University, and there was no TV in my digs. My parents came to collect me but their B&B had no TV either.

“We resigned ourselves to missing it and went to a concert but a man in the row in front had a portable TV and was watching the whole thing!

“He told us that he had a friend in the orchestra who wanted to be told when the astronauts had landed

“We had the experience of viewing it live as it happened. After the concert the lovely man shouted to his friend, ‘Sie sind gelandet!’ (They’ve landed!) and his chum waved his violin bow in our general direction.

“This was a remarkable piece of luck. We had all followed the space race throughout the 1960s and the moon landing was indeed a giant step for mankind."

Elizabeth Anderson from Royal Wootten Bassett added: “I was in bed asleep but I remember my mum came and woke me so that I could watch it.

“We’d only just got the TV and it’s likely that mum organised it specifically for the landing.”