Experts have discovered a one-of-a-kind 1,800-year-old glass bottle at a Roman villa in the Cotswolds. 

It has now been identified by experts as part of a fish bottle after two years of study.

It is the only one of its type ever discovered in Britain. 

This discovery has shed new light on the wealth and influence of those who imported it from the Black Sea almost two millennia ago. 

Found in the summer of 2017, it has taken until now to identy the fragment due to its exceptional rarity. 

The National Trust, which manages the Chedworth site, sent the piece to leading Roman glass expert, the late Professor Jennifer Price, who in turn sought advice from other glass experts across the world. 

Professor Price eventually found the piece matched a fish-shaped bottle, with the only other example of coming from a 2nd-century burial in Crimea. 

Nancy Grace, a National Trust archaeologist, said: "People have been enchanted by it, but it has also been a long and difficult journey.

"To have found that it is the only one of its type so far discovered in Roman Britain adds to our knowledge of the importance of Chedworth Roman Villa."